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kabaraustralia.com – The History and Culture of Bugis Makassar Seaman in The Voyage to Marege’

Tulisan ini adalah reportase dari kabaraustralia.com pada moment peluncuran buku “Voyage to Marege” kerjasama penerbit Ininnawa dan Konsulat Jenderal Australia. Kegiatan ini juga salah satu pre-event Makassar Biennale 2017. Alamat lengkap berita ini disini: http://kabaraustralia.com/history-culture-bugis-makassar-seaman-voyage-marege/

CC Macknight with his book, The Voyage to Marege’ [Credit: Rahmat Latang Reppa]

Kabar Australia — The history of Bugis Makassar sailor as reliable Seaman. Makassar in terms of geography which is a coastal region since time is very popular with reliable sailors and have very high survival spirit, this can be proved by the history.

The journey of the story of the relationship Makassar sailors and Australia in the past starting from Makassar to Marege (Makassar name given to the northern coast of Australia, red). Makassar was trade of sea cucumbers have begun around 1720, although some authors state trip had begun 300 years earlier (circa 1400) quoted from Wikipedia.

CC. Macknight presents his book “The Voyage to Marege’” launched on Tuesday at February 21st 2017, housed in Fort Rotterdam with speaker Horst H Liebner and Australian Consul General in Makassar Richard Mathews.

The Voyage to Marege’ provides a new door related to the history of the Australian people. Almost a century before Captain Cook sailed the coast of northeast Australia, sailors from Asia regularly visit Marege’. The men of Makassar take long and dangerous voyage in order to collect and preserve cucumbers were rewarded handsomely by the Chinese people. The book had been translated  into  Indonesia language.

“Makassar sailors journey to Australia starting from the search of sea cucumbers,” confirmed by Horst H Liebner in his presentation at the time of the event. He also mentioned that the Makassar sailors set sail from Paotere’.

It is clear that the work from Macknight contribute greatly to general readers and reviewers of the maritime world and trading history.

Reporter: Rahmat Latang Reppa
Editor: Nur Alfianita N

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